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Talisman | Raw Black Tourmaline Necklace
Talisman | Raw Black Tourmaline Necklace
Talisman | Raw Black Tourmaline Necklace
Talisman | Raw Black Tourmaline Necklace

Talisman | Raw Black Tourmaline Necklace

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Protection :: My energetic talisman

We are energetic beings having a physical experience and we benefit from protecting our energy field just as we benefit from protecting our physical being. For our body we may use diet, exercise, sleep, fresh air and water to protect our immune system from attack. In just the same way we can use vibrational tools likes meditation, chakra balancing and crystals to protect our energetic field.

Since ancient times Black Tourmaline has been treasured for its powerful protective vibration. It works tirelessly as a shield deflecting negative energy, entities and destructive forces. These stunning, raw black tourmaline nugget pendats are premier talismans, truly versatile in their energetic benefits. Here are just a few:

~ Physical ~

Black tourmaline is electric in nature and can protect against environmental pollutants, electromagnetic smog and radiation associated with cell phones, computers and other electronic equipment. A popular choice for IT specialists, digital designers, writers and office workers spending long hours in front of their computer screens. It also helps to align the spine, support the immune system and balance brain activity to bring mental buoyancy and protection against fearful and negative thought patterns.

~ Energetic & Emotional ~

The powerful electrical vibration of black tourmaline is grounding, connecting the human spirit with the Earth plane. It aligns all the chakra energy centres and directs healing light throughout the system, promoting feelings of power and self confidence. A great choice for nurses, doctors, counsellors, energetic healers and shadow workers to protect their field from negative, dense energy and undesirable entities. Emotionally is helps to protect against other people's negative vibes and is especially useful in crowds, confined spaces or any situation that may cause stress or fear.

~ Spiritual ~

Often used in shamanic healing and scrying to protect the being during ritual. Use black tourmaline to heighten your meditative state as it aligns all the chakras to freely allow the healing light to flow throughout the being.


Pendant size is approximately 20mm in length. Complimented by fine sterling silver or gold vermeil chain that hangs approximately 25cms. Due to the unique nature of raw black tourmaline, the pendant you receive may not look like the ones displayed here. If you would like a petite or extra large piece, please mention that in the notes and I will do my best to choose a piece at that end of the scale. Each piece is handcrafted in my Gold Coast, Australia studio. If you have any questions whatsoever please do reach out via the CONTACT page.

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