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"Make Your Own" Mala Kit
"Make Your Own" Mala Kit
"Make Your Own" Mala Kit
"Make Your Own" Mala Kit
"Make Your Own" Mala Kit
"Make Your Own" Mala Kit
"Make Your Own" Mala Kit
"Make Your Own" Mala Kit
"Make Your Own" Mala Kit
"Make Your Own" Mala Kit

"Make Your Own" Mala Kit

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Enjoy a moving meditation at home by creating your very own intentional japa mala beads. Choose one of six different mala making kits, each with their own sacred intention.

Each kit comes with 25 gemstones of your chosen intention and rudraksha - the prayer beads of the ancient yogis. Rudraksha has been used for centuries for its protective qualities and abilities to change negative thought patterns. By setting an intention in your japa meditation, rudraksha will absorb that intention and tireless go to work manifesting it. Also a respected talisman for travelling yogis, it fuses with the wearer’s aura and creates a force field around it, protecting energy and health from unwanted attacks.

Brand New: Calm - Aquamarine. 

*$5 from every Aquamarine kit purchased will be donated to bushfire relief*

Aquamarine harnesses the elemental energy of water and has long been a stone treasured by those that worship sacred H2O. An all time fave for the wave riders and mermaids, its calming and harmonising qualities support us in times of change and transition. Like the flowing waves of the ocean, Aquamarine encourages us to carry on no matter what, providing strength, clarity and courage.

1. Intuition - Amethyst

Open the third eye and deeply connect with your own inner wisdom and intuition. A Master Healer and emotionally calming stone, Amethyst brings a peaceful clarity to one’s meditation practice so as to connect to the higher self. It has a gentle energy helping the wearer to relax, heal losses, addictions and overcome blockages. Associated with the third eye and crown chakra, amethyst also promotes creativity and a connectedness to spirit. Your mantra - “I am connected”.

2. Love - Rose Quartz

The stone of unconditional love! Treasured for its delicious pink hue and profound ability to open and expand the heart. Being a form of Quartz, it also posses healing qualities specific to emotions, feelings of isolation, mistrust, stress and despair. A heart chakra stone, it promotes love for self, others, the Earth, the universe and the Divine. Your mantra - “I am love”.

3. Truth - Amazonite

Brings about self love and confidence, especially for people realising their dreams and talents through creative outlets. It helps you clearly and confidently express what you want and take the lead to achieve it! It also has powerful soothing physical qualities, healing ailments gently, and bringing a graceful eloquence to physical mannerisms. Your mantra - “I am beautiful, inside and out”.

4. Wisdom - Lapis Lazuli

An intellectual stone and connected to truth and wisdom. Wear it for all forms of deep communication. It is also a stone of friendship and brings harmony in relationships. Perfect for spiritual seekers and students. It is connected to the throat chakra, Vishuddha, and assists in activating the higher mind and intuitive ability. Your mantra - “I understand my purpose”.

5. Grounding - Agate

A grounding stone, bringing about emotional, physical and intellectual balance. They are harmonising stones, with a slow moving energetic vibration that provides lasting and strong effects. Associated with the Root chakra, it facilitates acceptance, perception and confidence. Your mantra - “I am stable”.

6. Abundance - Citrine

Stone of the Solar Plexus – the self centre, manifesting abundance, good health and bringing sunshine into your sense of self.  Citrine is the stone of joy, uplifting one’s aspects to all the goodness in the world and the self helping to raise your own vibration to that of abundance. Your mantra - "I am abundant"


As well as your beads, your mala kit will include:

- Extra strong, 100% silk thread with inbuilt needle for easy threading.

- Cotton skien to create your own handmade tassel.

- All natural cotton keep safe bag.

- Instruction booklet.

- Japa Mala meditation instruction.


Please watch this video for easy to follow instructions on how to make your mala. This video is particularly useful when you receive your Mala Kit. 

Mala Creation with Emma from Ava Jewels from Amanda Jane Mckay on Vimeo.

If you are interested in hand knotting your mala, please watch this tutorial. All you will need that is not already included in your kit is an awl or knotting pliers. Have fun!


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