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Chakra Balancing Mala
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Chakra Balancing Mala

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Find inner peace and bring deeper healing to your meditation with this 7 Chakra Balancing Mala Bead necklace.

Choose from either 6mm or 8mm bead size from the drop down box above. 

The 7 Chakras are the energetic locations within each of us that power the human body and spirit. These locations are swirling vortices of energy and when they are in balance the organism is healthy. Healthy eating and living, colour healing, reiki, aromatherapy, yoga and above all meditation help to keep these vortices clear and swirling. For centuries shamans, medicine men and healers of all sorts have used the healing power of crystals to assist in keeping the chakra energy clear and balanced. And now you can too.

This Mala also includes absorbent Lava Stone, for you to diffuse your favourite chakra balancing essential oils. Truly heighten your practice and your senses as this Mala supports you on various energetic and healing levels. Also made with sacred rudraksha seeds, the meditation beads of the ancient yogis that have been treasured for their healing qualities and assistance in protecting the wearer from negative thought patterns, keeping the meridians clear for positive thought and energetic flow.  

To balance all the chakras and bring alignment throughout the entire being, kyanite has been used for this malas guru bead! The seven chakra crystals have also been specifically chosen for their energetic and colour healing qualities. Each genuine crystal bead coincides directly with each of the seven chakras for deep balancing and clearing of foggy and negative energy:

1. Root chakra or Muladhara = Garnet, for grounding and assisting connection to the Earth's centre.

2. Sacral chakra or Svadhisthana = Carnelian, bringing balance to the life force and connecting all the chakras to your inner voice.

3. Solar plexus chakra or Manipura = Citrine, manifesting abundance, good health and bringing sunshine into your sense of self.

4. Heart chakra or Anahata = Green Aventurine, for comforting and healing the heart, bringing peace to your interactions with the physical world and aligning circumstances to bring great fortune to your personal relationships.

5. Throat chakra or Vishuddha = Lapis Lazuli for authenticity and truth in communication, both verbal and non-verbal to self and to others.

6. Third eye chakra or Ajna = Amethyst for spiritual connection and intuitive clarity.

7. Crown chakra or Sahasrara = Moonstone for connection to your higher spiritual self, the cycles of the universe and the divine source.

6mm or 8mm options are available. Final touches include gold accents, hand knotted on 100% silk thread with lush dark blue Turkish silk tassel. The mala YOU will receive will be made to order!! Your name and its intention for you will be held in my mind as I string it for you, using the highest quality genuine, natural materials. Due to the unique nature of genuine gemstones and wood, your mala may have some colour variations, but it will be made with the exact same materials and configuration as you see here.