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Host an Event with Ava Jewels

When we gather, we connect. And when we connect, we are reminded that we are one.
Are you looking to host a private event with a true difference? Something with heart and soul. Something a little different from the norm? I would love to facilitate that event for you. I'm Emma from Ava Jewels and I have a beautiful bevy of sacred gatherings to offer you, from jewellery making workshops, womens circles, blessing ways and guided meditations. Events can be hosted in Northern NSW (Byron Bay), Gold Coast and Brisbane - and everywhere in between. 
If you are interested in booking one of the public events I am currently hosting, please click here.
What others have said about Emma's events...
”Thank you so much for last night Emma. I don’t even have words today for how special it was. Thank you especially for creating a space where my daughter felt the truth of being safe and loved in the moment. And she experienced the power of women gathering - at her age, how incredible!” - Kristianne, Gold Coast
"I was lucky enough to attend an Ava Jewels workshop to make my own Mala Beads! It was such a beautiful afternoon of connection and creativity. Thank you Emma for holding space and sharing your divine work with us. I feel grateful to have learnt such a sacred practice" - Nicole, Gold Coast.
"Thank You Em from the bottom of my heart...It was such a special day. The room was electric with feminine energy. You are a true goddess and I feel blessed to have met you and share you with all of my friends and family. The day wouldn't be what it was without you. Thank you for guiding us through such a sacred circle." - Amber, Gold Coast.
"Thanks Emma for hosting Radha's really was the highlight of our weekend" - Kate, Byron Bay.
So here's some ideas of what we can craft for your very special day...

Women's Circle

Women's Circle
Since the dawn of time, women have gathered in circle to bask in mutual respect, love and to share the stories of themselves and their journey. My role is simply to hold that space for you to connect with your sisterhood. Your Women's Circle can be dedicated to any significant event, whether it be a birthday, hens gathering, blessing way/baby shower, farewell or welcome home. The options and purposes for your women's circle are endless. Here are just a few ideas:
- Birthday celebration: Gather together with your sisterhood to celebrate YOU!
- Baby Blessing Way: the latest trend in baby showers. No eating chocolate out of disposable nappies here. Instead we honour the age old tradition of gathering in circle to acknowledge Mother and child and their journey from one being to two as Mother welcomes her child earth side.
- Hens gathering: Honouring the Maiden's journey in to her married chapter, this is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love and be reminded that your sisterhood is always here to support you.
Each circle follows a traditional format of opening the circle, energy clearing, guided meditation, sharing circle and offering, and then closing the circle. There are many different rituals that can be included like flower blessing, bead blessing, oracle cards, red thread, movement & dance, chanting, baby mobile creation and even cacao (more on that below). I have many ideas and tricks up my sleeve, so I would love to chat more about what we can do on the day to truly bring meaning and significance to your circle.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony 

Cacao is the heart warming and healing Drink of The Gods. Considered a great gift and blessing from Mother Earth, it has been used for centuries in ceremony around the world. Originating from South America, the Myans and Aztecs used cacao for its medicinal qualities in ceremony. It is not only highly nutritious, but encourages a harmonious vibration, opening the heart and connecting us as one back to the compassion of the Great Mother.

I will blend your sacred cacao mixture from raw cacao paste, mixing it with the highest quality spices and flavours like cinnamon, cayenne pepper and nutmeg, pure organic maple syrup for sweetness and rose water for extra lushness. Cacao is the perfect compliment to any women's circle and one of my all time favourite inclusions to customise your special event.

Mala Making Workshop

Ava Jewels Mala Bead making workshop

Embrace your inner creative and explore the history and art of sacred mala bead making. In this workshop you and your group will get to design and create your very own japa mala bead necklace. The options are endless and every mala workshop can be specifically tailored to your wishes and budget. Below are a some ideas of the different options available. 

- Classic Zen Rudraksha Mala: Based on traditional mala beads of the ancient yogis, this workshop uses the sacred rudraksha seed and gemstones to create your intention filled mala. This workshop is great for novice crafters and first time beaders and does not require hand knotting. Each attendee will be guided through the design and making of their tassel finish mala. The event can be conducted within a 2-2.5 hr time frame and is perfect for small to large groups of up to 25 people. This workshop format gives us lots of scope to cater the mix of materials made available to ensure we can offer the perfect event for your budget. This workshop starts at around $75 per person and scales down with larger group numbers.
- Deluxe Hand Knotted Mala: This workshop has limitless possibilities, with the full range of gemstones, rudraksha, sandalwood and finishes available. You will be given complete creative freedom to design your mala and will be guided through the ancient craft of hand knotting (optional for each attendee). This event takes up to 5 hrs and is ideal for smaller groups of 10 or less. This workshop starts at around $169 per person and scales down for larger group numbers.
All the materials, tools and instructions are provided and you will be given plenty of time and support to design and make the mala of your dreams. As well as creating your mala, you will learn the spiritual significance of the 108+1 configuration, how mala beads are used in meditation as well as the healing qualities of the different gemstone beads to choose from. And once your malas are complete, we can all enjoy a japa mala meditation together. Come on a journey of enjoyment and appreciation of these ancient spiritual adornments and allow your creative side to SHINE!!

Mala Bead workshop - gemstones
Mala Workshop set up

Bracelet Making Workshop

gemstone bracelet workshop
Learn the healing qualities of crystals and then make your very own gemstone and bracelets. We can also incorporate essential oils and lava stone to create your very own wearable diffuser.
The healing powers of crystals and essential oils have been used for centuries. You will get the chance to truly connect with these healing tools to discover which ones resonate with you and your path. We will also enjoy lots of hands on fun making beautiful sparkly adornments. 
The workshop is run very similar the popular Mala Bead Workshop which are full of fun and connection, infused herbal teas, guided meditation and intention setting, not to mention the chance to create with high quality genuine gemstones and lava stone. 
This event is particularly popular with crafty folk and young kids (minimum age 7yrs) and a wonderful option for your tweens birthday gathering. I can customise a budget and time friendly option that is perfect for you.
bracelet making workshop for kids gemstone bracelet making workshop

Meditation classes

Host your own Meditation event with Ava Jewels

Meditation is one of the most beautiful ways to spend some time together, and within. Allow me to guide your group through a grounding and balancing meditation practice. You may enjoy a session of mantra chanting, lying down yoga nidra style relaxation, pranayama (breath work), reiki infused massage, a guided seated meditation, or a combination of all of the above. After practicing yoga for most of my life and regularly attending meditation workshops around the Gold Coast and Byron Bay, I have access to a vast community of healers. So if you would like to incorporate something I can't offer, like a sound healing for example, please allow me to find the perfect and most qualified practitioner from my community of light workers. We are limited only by our imaginations.


Allow Emma to host your event of true heart and soul connection. Whether it be a mala or bracelet making workshop, hens party, birthday party celebration, blessing way baby shower or meditation class, Emma can craft an event that is perfect for your special gathering. Every event is completely unique, so please reach out through the contact form below, giving some brief details of your proposed event, and I will respond as soon as possible to discuss. Retreat organisers are welcomed. Group sizes can range from anywhere between 4 - 40ppl.
In the message below, please include some details on:
- Location
- Date
- Number of attendees
- A brief idea of what you'd like for your sacred gathering (eg: mala workshop OR birthday cacao ceremony)
You may also want to call me directly to get the conversation started on 0405 162 318.

Womens Circle with Ava Jewels