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Divine Feminine Malas

Divine feminine archetypes come in many forms. In this collection I capture the four seasonal phases of the maiden, mother, maga and crone. The seasons and the moon, with their constant flow of cycles are the reflection in nature of these divine feminine stages. Now, more than ever women are embracing our connection to these phases as we ebb and flow with the shifts of our physical existence. We are connecting to a remembered and deeper knowing, acknowledging the value and beauty of every cycle and phase, embracing and celebrating our now. Anchor in to the phases of the goddess with intention through these divinely inspired pieces. You may be drawn to a mala to mark the phase of woman hood you currently inhabit, or you may be honouring a phase of a project of personal chapter. Whatever it is that draws you to these malas, trust that the goddess within is guiding you with the wisdom of your femininity. Aho!
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