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Mini-Mantra Bar - Sterling Silver
Mini-Mantra Bar - Sterling Silver
Mini-Mantra Bar - Sterling Silver
Mini-Mantra Bar - Sterling Silver
Mini-Mantra Bar - Sterling Silver
Mini-Mantra Bar - Sterling Silver

Mini-Mantra Bar - Sterling Silver

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Wear your mantra throughout the day with these delicate sterling silver mantra bar necklaces. Designed in Australia and hand crafted in Jaipur, India from the highest quality materials, every mantra has been hand stamped for you with intention. 

The delicate mantra bar measures 30x7mm hung on 40cm of super fine chain with a 6cm extender chain for complete versatility in length. Stack your mini-mantra with your favourite pieces, or wear it on its own for simple perfection.

Your 3 sacred choices are:


Om sanskrit mantra


Everything is vibration,
and vibration is sound.
That sound is Om.
Om, is the sound of everything.


Easily one of the most recognised symbols in spiritual tradition, Om (or AUM) is a powerful amplifier and mantra to acknowledge the ultimate reality. The meaning of Om can be interpreted in many different ways across many different traditions. While it is often used at both the beginning and end of mantras, om is also a powerful mantra in itself.

Om quite simply refers to the self (atman) and all (brahman). Chant om and feel yourself resonate at the vibration of all there is - ultimate reality, truth, the divine.


om mani padme hum

Om Mani Padme Hum


 Originating from Tibetan Buddhism, Om Mani Padme Hum is a mantra of compassion. A simplified translation refers to the "Jewel of the Lotus" being our spiritual goal. 

The power of mantra lies in its vibration and its impact beyond what can be explained. Chant Om Mani Padme Hum to bring compassion and spiritual expansion in to your practice.

This is one of the most recognised mantras the world over as it is often etched in to stones, on to prayer wheels, musical instruments and clothing. It is a display of one's spiritual devotion to Buddhism and personal spiritual growth. 


so hum

So Hum sanskrit mantra
So Hum = I am that.


This sacred and short mantra contemplates our existence and connectedness to it all. "I" being yourself, and "that" being the entire universe. And so together, this mantra answers the age old question "who am I?". The answer is "I am that".

It is said to represent the sound of the breath as we inhale (so) and exhale (hum). As you inhale say "I am", and connect to the You that breathes the air of life. And as you exhale, say "that" or "all that is" as you breathe out releasing in to the expanse of life, acknowledging your connectedness with all that exists.

This beautifully simple mantra, while powerful in its meaning, is also a popular choice for those new to mantra and meditation. In Vedic tradition its concept is considered foundational in your journey to spiritual fulfilment and enlightenment. It's goal, in reminding us that we are one with the entire universe is to provide feelings of protection, belonging and unconditional support. We are all supported by the same earth mother and the same cosmic fathers.



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