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"I AM CONNECTED" Third Eye Chakra Mala
"I AM CONNECTED" Third Eye Chakra Mala
"I AM CONNECTED" Third Eye Chakra Mala
"I AM CONNECTED" Third Eye Chakra Mala
"I AM CONNECTED" Third Eye Chakra Mala

"I AM CONNECTED" Third Eye Chakra Mala

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Sanskrit name: Ajna

Also known as: Third Eye, Brow or 6th Chaka

Location: Centre of forehead

Colour: Indigo


I am intuitive

I trust the guidance of my higher self

I am one with the collective consciousness

I am connected


Iolite: The stone of intuition and imagination, iolite works to open your mind to the greatest possibilities of your existence while supporting you in moving them from the spiritual realm in to the physical. Iolite provides us with clarity of vision reminding us that it is limitless what we can dream and achieve. It opens our third eye to embrace the visions of our dreams and the messages from our guides. Like the distorted and imperfect dream state, these iolite beads have a rough and natural round cut, each one completely unique.

Rudraksha: Sacred meditation beads of the ancient yogis, they protect their wearer from negative thought patterns and bring peace to the sense of self so as deep connection with spirit can take place. Believed to be the tears of Shiva, they possess their own high vibrational qualities, specifically in warding off unwanted negative energy and creating an auric force field, protecting their wearer from undesirable obstacles on their path. They have a profound ability to connect with their wearer's energy field and support them in their practice of mindfulness. Used for over 3,000 years by the yogis, they are a highly treasured material used for spiritual adornments throughout the world.

This 108 mala is made with 6-7mm beads making it lighter and slightly more petite to the larger 8mm bead malas. Complemented with silver accents, Turkish silk tassel and hand strung by Emma in her Gold Coast, Australia studio. The mala YOU will receive will be made to order using the highest quality genuine, natural materials. Due to the unique nature of genuine gemstones and rudraksha, your mala may have some colour variations, but it will be made with the exact materials and configuration as you see here.

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