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Sri Yantra Mala
Sri Yantra Mala
Sri Yantra Mala
Sri Yantra Mala

Sri Yantra Mala

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Integrate God and Goddess, Yin and Yang, Light and Shadow in perfect harmony.

There is a divine balance in all of nature and creation. There is yin and yang, night and day, male and female. And there are two constants with each new day...the presence of our Moon and our Sun. All life revolves around this constant. Our existence ebbs and flows through their union; their dance we worship; their infinite provision we require. They are the energy force of creation. In this mala, the dualistic frequency of our Moon and Sun, of our Yin and Yang, are brought together to align your vibration with that of the perfect balance of creation.

Rainbow Moonstone (inc. pendant): It is the stone of the Goddess and connects a woman’s energy to the essence of her Divine Feminine energy. It is the stone of the luna cycles, bringing connection to the ebb and flow of nature and gifting a stability to ride these cycles with grace and adaptability.

The stone of the night it brings with it a restorative and fertile energy that comes with the silence and rest granted under the cover of darkness.

In meditation Rainbow Moonstone acts as a prism, diffusing positive energy throughout the aura. It helps to cleanse the mind and senses and even aids in restful sleep. It is a must have gem for any Goddess collection.

Sunstone: The stone of Ra, the sun itself, whose energy brings all potential life from within the Earth. Sunstone brings a sense of warmth, strength, benevolence and mental clarity as well as being the stone of play and joy. Its joyful vibration will heighten your energy to rise above that which weighs you down. Its confidence will provide you the strength, clarity and enthusiasm to carry on.  Its masculine energy provides gifts of manifestation and abundance. 

While Sunstone carries the masculine yang energy, moonstone balances it with her feminine yin energy. Together with Sri Yantra they integrate god and goddess powers, bringing balance and an effortless ability to manifest through universal creation. 

SandalwoodSmooth, soft, aromatic. Wearing it feels like a hug! A beautifully aromatic material, it has long been used for its healing qualities. It has a calming affect and the aroma assists in heightening the senses during meditation.

Sri Yantra charm: The sacred geometric mandala attributed to manifestation. It is made up of nine triangles, interlaced in mathematical perfection to radiate a total of 42 smaller triangles from the centre dot, or bindhu. 4 triangles reach up to the heavens, representing Shiva the masculine. 5 triangles reach down to Mother Earth, representing Shakti the feminine. Together the symbol represents their sacred union.

This mala is made with 8mm beads throughout, with either gold or silver accents, and hand knotted on 100% extra strong silk thread. Made with so much love and intention, your mala will be made to order. Due to the unique nature of genuine gemstones and wood, your mala may have some colour variations, but it will be made with the same materials and configuration as you see here.

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