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Mantra Meditation Circle
Mantra Meditation Circle
Mantra Meditation Circle
Mantra Meditation Circle
Mantra Meditation Circle
Mantra Meditation Circle
Mantra Meditation Circle
Mantra Meditation Circle

Mantra Meditation Circle

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Emma is currently taking a break from hosting events. If you would like to be notified when gatherings start up again please join the mailing list HERE.


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22 Christine Ave, Miami QLD 4221
Every second Thursday night, 6:30 - 8:30pm
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Join me for a healing and ecstatic experience where we share in the transformative practice of mantra meditation. We will gather in the Trader Trove temple to slip in to our water pond of peace by lifting our voice in vibrational mantra chant. Oracle reading, herbal teas and essential oils will also be shared to truly heighten the mood. 

Two years ago, mantra meditation changed my life when I was introduced to mala beads. Since then I have used mantra as the basis for my meditation practice and continue to experience profound benefits and rewards from this ancient practice. Mantra truly is a life long blessing, and I simply want to share that with you. I will teach you the benefits and technique of 108 japa mala mantra meditation, share how to use your mala following ancient traditions and guide you through a seated mantra chant to alchemise your intentions in to reality. Each week we will explore a different mantra, its history and origins, meaning, pronunciation and benefits. I am not a guru so we are not being initiated in to these mantras, but simply experiencing the joy of raising our vibration through chant meditation.

All are welcome including men, women and children who are able to sit in closed eye meditation for up to half an hour. This event is LGBTQI safe. Acknowledgment of the traditional custodians of this land, the Yugambeh people will be observed.

What to bring:

Everything you need will be provided including meditation cushion and mala beads. However, here are some ideas of what you could also bring to truly elevate and personalise your experience.

  • Your personal mala (a mala is completely optional and not required to receive the benefits of this meditation practice)
  • meditation cushion and yoga mat
  • a shawl or layers and socks to ensure you stay warm
  • refillable water bottle. Filtered water is provided
  • An open heart.

A bit about Emma's background:

For over two years now mantra has formed the basis for my meditation practice - and I would love to share it with you. I have over 20 years of yoga and meditation experience and have been weaving japa mala beads for 2 years. I have regularly practiced around the world including Australia, U.S.A, Canada and India, providing me with an incredibly large variety of experiences and interpretations of yoga and meditation. Throughout my life I have been a seeker and participant in countless experiences grounded in the yogic tradition including retreats, kirtan, yoga teacher training, sound healing, darshan and personal development and healing. As well I facilitate a range of workshops and experiences sharing my knowledge and passion, fully utilising my formal graduate education as a teacher. My goal is to share the healing power of mantra with you, support you in developing an authentic mantra practice and provide an opportunity to connect with a community of heavenly light beings that are healing the world through healing themselves. Together, let's rise through mantra.

*Photography thanks to Leisure Lane Photography.

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