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"I Am Calm" Diffuser Bracelet
"I Am Calm" Diffuser Bracelet

"I Am Calm" Diffuser Bracelet

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Bring calm, balance and self-healing in to your day with this striking diffuser bracelet. Howlite's calming vibration is perfectly matched to the healing qualities of lava stone. And when used as a diffuser bracelet you harness the ability to bring whatever intentional healing you seek through essential oils. The perfect little companion of calm, balance and healing.

Howlite: This white and grey stone is often used to reduce anxiety and tension while facilitating awareness, encouraging emotional expression and assisting in the elimination of pain, stress or rage. Howlite can calm and soothe the emotions, slow the overactive mind and help to achieve a deep and restful sleep. Howlite is popular with reiki and energy healers as its calming frequency helps one to connect with source energy, retrieve wisdom and receive guidance from our guides.

Lava Stone: Originating from the centre of the earth as molten lava and erupted to the surface, lava stone is one of the oldest and most widely used healing stones. Because it comes from raw energy, it’s considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. Its connection to the earth's centre makes it an excellent root chakra stone, bringing grounding and stabilisation.

Lava stone is perfectly suited to use with diffusing essential oils. Simply add a single drop of your favourite oil/s to the lava beads and enjoy the aroma throughout the day. It is popular for diffusing because the oil is being held within this naturally porous stone rather than being absorbed by your skin, so you can enjoy the aroma and healing qualities for longer. Different oils have different evaporation rates, therefore the duration of time that your oils diffuse will vary.

Made with 8mm beads and complimented with sterling silver accents. Due to the unique nature of genuine gemstones, your piece may have some colour variations, but it will be made with the exact same materials and configuration as you see here.

A note on sizing: Bracelet size is measured by the circumference around your wrist. Thread on elastic band to stretch over your hand, these bracelets are designed to fit snug around your wrist. If you prefer a loose fitting bracelet please choose one size up from your measured wrist size. If your wrist size is not listed, please mention the desired circumference of your bracelet in the notes of your order and your precious piece will be made to order.

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