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Gone Birthing

The Ava Jewels online store is temporarily closed as I bring new life in to the world.

We will reopen in 2021 so please stay tuned for new jewels and offerings then!

I want to take this opportunity to send so much love and gratitude to all my customers and supporters, whether you have found me recently or whether you have been here since the beginning. 

You can explore more about Ava Jewels through the links below, or feel free to reach out with any questions through the contact page. 

I look forward to seeing you again in 2021.

Many blessings,

Emma xx

"Let Your Intentions Guide You"

Hi, I'm Emma and I'm the createress behind Ava Jewels. My offering here is to support and connect with you on your journey. Whether it be weaving intentional jewels for your daily life or spiritual practice, or through holding space in our creative and meditation gatherings, every gesture and offering is to support all our journies and growth. Just let your intentions guide you, and you can't go wrong...

The Ava Jewels Story

Learn more about the creatress behind the jewels Emma Patrick and her journey through loss and grief that led her to the creative and spiritual offering of her dreams...


Eco-concsious & Plastic Free

We care for Mother Earth and always use plastic free packaging. Read more about how we do business here...

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As featured in india arie's 'Crazy' video

See the "I AM LOVE" Heart Chakra Mala in India Arie's latest music video 'Crazy'. 

You can view the entire short film work of art on India Arie's YouTube channel here...